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Your easy route to send messages to such members of RSARS Council who are currently available on email and also extended to the 156 or so Members who wish to be similarly available from this site and the RSARS EMAIL LIST SERVER (aka REFLECTOR) HANDBOOK.

Easy Mail

To send an email to a Council Member, Click on the Appropriate Council Member and it should open up an eMail page with the correct address to use.

Alternatively, hover your mouse over the person you wish to email and check the bottom left corner of the screen to see the persons eMail address. 

 Chairman (no direct email from this site)

General Secretary – Joe GW0WEE

VP/QSL Bureau Manager – M0OIC Bryan

Editor Mercury – Joe GW0WEE

Membership Secretary – George G3VBE

Treasurer – Dave G4ETG

Serving Members’ Rep – Phil

Non-Serving Members’ Rep – Ray GW4PUC

Awards Manager – AL – G3ZBU

Life Honorary Vice-President – Ken G3RGE

Life Honorary Vice-President – Joe GW0WEE

Shack Manager – M0GKD Alan

RSARS Webmaster


(Click on callsign for Mail Composition window)

Inclusion in this facility requires your request to the Webmaster.
To send an email to a member listed below, click on the call-sign you wish to send a message to, and an email page will be displayed for you to fill in and send your message.
Inclusion here does not mean you are subscribed to the new RSARS_Members group.
Please remember that the onus is on you to tell the Webmaster (G4LRG) of any inaccuracies in your email address and any changes you may make to your ISP etc. – he can and will change it as soon as possible after being informed.


This new group is for eMail only and is to be called RSARS_Members which can be used to send messages to other RSARS members who have signed up to use the group.

To send a message to this group by email, address the email to:

To subscribe to this group by email, address the email to:

To unsubscribe from this group by email, address the email to:

To contact the group owner by email, address the email to:

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