Honorary Life Membership


Honorary Life Membership


HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP may be granted to any person who, in the opinion of the Council, has rendered outstanding service to the Society – so it is written in our Rules. There have been but 20 recipients of this title throughout the history of the Society – sadly 13 of whom are now Silent Keys   

 G3EJF-SK       G2MI – SK

                       W5VA-SK        W3RX-SK                      

                     G3LQC-SK        MRS I COOPER-SK     

                     G3NOB-SK         G3HPJ-SK                   

                           G6FPC         GM3WKM-SK               

                     G3UNC          G4KIE-SK                 

   VK5GZ later VK2YN SK

                      GM4EMX           G4SKR-SK                 

             GW4XKE-SK           G0ZEP                   

  M0OIC            G4LRG










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