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RSARS Wire Article

The following link will take you to the Royal Signals Wire website.     Once there, checkout the E-Wire for February 2017 – page 35 for the RSARS article


Mercury Number 176 Has now been issued.

Please send any future articles direct to  Joe/GW0WEE .


This is the Blog of one of our latest members – Piju/9M2PJU

Some interesting articles here….


The file below shows amount of donations given in memory of Mario/G8ODE(SK) and was provided by Pam Chomicz.
Pam has agreed to allowing this document to be shown to RSARS members.

Mario Donations


The email below was addressed to the webmaster requesting permission  to use some of Mario’s/G8ODE-SK technical articles in a Ham radio magazine in China.

Mario’s widow Pam, has kindly given permission for this to go ahead and I have advised Daniel.Yao accordingly.

I am posting this on the Website and Facebook page as I know that Mario and other contributors would have been delighted with this outcome.


Quote Dear John,

My name is Daniel Yao, an editor who serves CQ Modern Communication ( non-profit institute who has been serving the Hams in China for nearly 5 years).

I’ve recently read lots of articles from G8ODE and found them highly valuable to hams in China. I’m looking forward to forwarding the articles he has written onto our magazine. But first of all, I need to ask for his permission. But unfortunately, I had no luck finding his e-mail address, Since you are the organizer of the finest website, I’m just wondering if you could let me know his e-mail, or just simply let him know and forward this e-mail to him.

I  found it awesome that you are doing something that helps most people. Truly great deed you are doing.

Thanks again.

Look forward to hearing from you.



CQ Modern Communication



New – RSARS Facebook Group Information


G3SIG Award – Update from M0OIC

Members will note that the G3SIG award is still alive and well but we do need more volunteers to run the call in different areas around the UK throughout 2017, so if you can spare a little time to run the call on behalf of the Society, please get in touch with Bryan/M0OIC.

Check out the QSL Bureau Managers newsletter for details of available dates.


RSARS is now a member of Club Log

Club Log is a web-based application that analyses log files from radio amateurs all over the world. Using the logs, Club Log offers you a wide range of reports for your own benefit, and identifies large scale trends from the sum of all activity in the database.    More information can be found at this link Club Log.

Once you have signed up for Club Log membership, you can add yourselves to the RSARS Club by clicking on Settings, and then go to the “Clubs” tab to join.  You will then be added to the group by M0OIC who manages admin for the RSARS Club.



This page is updated whenever there is some useful information or news that is of interest to members.

Items for inclusion may be sent to The WebMaster by post-

9 Bainbridge Court
Bishop Auckland
Co Durham DL14 9EJ

or by e-mail to John West, G4LRG, WebMaster



Mercury in PDF is now available for members who require it in this format.

Further details from


For a history of Mercury Editors, click the link below….

Mercury Editors


Veterans Agency

The single point of contact within the Ministry of Defence for providing information, help and advice on issues of concern to veterans and their families.
It does this through its free Helpline, welfare service and its website.
The Agency provides advice on a wide range of subjects including benefits and welfare issues, pensions and compensation, Service records and medals etc. The Veterans Helpline ( 0800 169 2277 ) is open from 8:15am to 5:15pm Monday to Thursday and from 8:15am to 4:30pm on Friday. Calls are free.

The Agency’s vision is “Service excellence for veterans and Serving personnel

If you know of any interesting URL with military or amateur radio leanings why not tell us so we can inform others visiting these pages? Or if you wish to show your REUNION DETAILS or RADIO EVENTS here, contact our Web Master.

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