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QSL Bureau Information and Handbook

6 Greenland Crescent
Chilwell, Beeston
Nottingham NG9 5LB

Dear Member,

Welcome, we hope that you will receive much enjoyment and satisfaction from your membership of the Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society.

One of the membership benefits is to have at your disposal the facilities of the RSARS QSL Bureau. This service is for member-to-member use only and may not be used to send cards to non-members or for clearance to the RSGB. If you are in any way active on the amateur bands you will find the exchange of cards through our bureau is much quicker than you have experienced elsewhere!

Rules for the use of the QSL Bureau are quite simple.

  1. All cards must show BOTH the callsign and membership number of the station for whom they are intended.
  1. QSL cards are also accepted for RNARS and RAFARS members. Mark these cards clearly on the reverse (RNARS or RAFARS as appropriate) to ensure correct sorting.
  1. Cards held within the bureau are by membership number and it would help the manager if cards sent by you were sorted in numerical order prior to despatch. It is a good idea to put an elastic band round your cards, and put your name and address (or your house number and postcode) on the back of your envelope. (However remember envelopes are now charged by thickness and size as well as by weight?) Do ensure correct postage is attached – the QSL Bureau will NOT accept underpaid items which have been surcharged by Royal Mail.
  1. To collect your cards from the QSL Bureau please send five 2nd class stamps direct to the QSL Bureau. The QSL Bureau Manager will supply and address 4 envelopes for you in the standard C6 size. The fifth stamp pays for the envelopes and other bureau expenses. The bureau is totally self supporting and receives no funds from the Society. A cover slip will be sent to you with each delivery of cards which will also tell you when more postage is required. (Always in multiples of five stamps please)
  1. Overseas members should send Sterling (preferably) or US dollars to cover the cost of envelopes and postage. In case of difficulty, please refer to the QSL Bureau Manager. Sterling cheques must be drawn on a UK bank and made payable to “RSARS” – no other cheques acceptable.
  1. Members using the RSARS QSL Bureau are shown each month, callsign/number only, on our website. Please check this list prior to sending cards as those for members who are not currently collecting from the QSL Bureau will be returned to the originator.
  1. There will be complete clearances of the QSL Bureau up to four times a year, which may mean only one or two cards in the envelope. These clearances will ensure that nothing is overlooked, and will also ensure removal of all “dead wood”.
  1. Cash will not be accepted from UK members unless pre-arranged in special circumstances.
  1. QSL cards are no longer required to support award claims. If you do NOT wish to receive QSL cards from other members, please inform the QSL manager. It will also assist other members if you let them know during your exchange of details whether, or not, you wish to receive QSL cards.

Please address all cards or correspondence for the RSARS QSL Bureau in the form shown at the top of this page.

73, Bryan M0OIC

RSARS 3867

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Please find attached the latest list of members using our bureau. There are no additions but members listed below have been removed as now officially lapsed. I am sure that some will catch up with George and when they do I have their stamps/cash safe and secure. Maybe of interest but one of those listed has 19 x 2nd class stamps in the bureau?

G4AGN 0298       G4BQV 1218       G4NMT 1868     G4SIS    2036

G4XSA  3579      G7FTD   4206      G7MHQ 2671    GW0TSX 2689

GW3LHK  3100   M0ICR   3697      M0WMO 3870   MM3WED 3939

MW3VJN   4228       VE7VF 086